Een wereld van verschil

Een wereld van verschil offers career coaching  and training for university-educated professionals that inspires to take the steps to build your ideal future.

What we do and how we do it

We help you to further develop your personal and professional competences and build your career from there. The coaching and training Een wereld van verschil offers focusses on who you are, what your talents are, and on your professional mission. The result of the coaching and training is a clear vision on what you want to bring to the world combined with the drive to actually go out and do it! This leads to a career and professional results that are fulfilling.

We have an academic background ourselves, and combine this with broad experience in coaching and training of university-educated professionals.

In the coaching and training we work with models such as the Core quadrant model by Ofman, the Rose of Leary and we work with your biography. Techniques we use are role-plays, applied improvisation, mindfulness, systemic constellation work.

An important goal is always the apllication of your insights in your work and life. This is facilitated by practical and personal assignments as homework, that we discuss in the following meeting or training.

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