Training The Power of Improvisation 4 July : Break patterns – overcome limitations – connect with others

Training the Power of Improvisation 4 July

Applied improvisation is the entrance to developing your skills for both professional and private life. It allows you to strengthen your flexibility muscle in a fun and enjoyable way, for example by increasing your confidence in presentation skills, enhancing cooperation and team building, and boosting your creativity.

Break patterns – overcome limitations – connect with others

Originally, improvisation techniques were developed to help actors training for the stage: create spontaneity and collaboration; and to help people to adapt to unforeseen situations by exposing them to scenarios where they inevitably lose control.
Nowadays, applied improvisation is used in a lot of different contexts because its tools are so powerful and useful for everyone. As a professional you need to be able to adapt to changes quickly, today even more than in previous times. Especially scientifically educated people approach problems and challenges in a structured manner on a cognitive level, which is of course appropriate in some situations. But it is as important to be able to break your thinking patterns and think outside of the box.
What if you approached a new concept with “yes, and …” instead of with “yes, but …”? Applied improvisation teaches to welcome loss of control, accept situations as they come up and failure. Embrace what you get and build from there is the key message. The three pillars of applied improvisation describe exactly this: i) be in the present; ii) accept whatever you face; iii) take risks and have the courage to fail. Since our workshops are in small groups, they are a very safe environment: a good moment to start daring to fail.

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